Welcome To Pikes Peak Reptiles

We are changing our name to Pikes Peak Reptiles to reflect our expanding interest in other North American Colubrids (and hatchlings). Our main interest is still Cornsnakes but would like to offer a larger variety of snakes but as always with the same great quality that we have always had. Also check out our Facebook page

We strive to find the best of the Cornsnake morphs and other Colubrids (mostly locality snakes) from the top breeders for our breeding stock. Please come in and look around, make sure and contact us with any questions or comments. We are located here in Southern Colorado but have sold reptiles at different shows all over the US, we are also able to  ship  to anywhere in the US and other countries in Europe and Asia.

Check out our GALLERY to see some of our stock. When hatchings have started eating or if you are just looking for a yearling or adult then check out  the AVAILABLE page. There also is a little bit about setting up a new home in the AVAILABLE page, if you have never had a cornsnake before.

I chosen to raise mostly cornsnakes because of their personality, gentle nature and the fact that most only reach 3-4 feet in length, easy to feed and care for. Not to mention the fact that there are thousands of color and pattern combinations.  There are new morphs found every year, and now with the second but more popular dominate gene in cornsnakes the Tessera,  look in the gallery for pictures of them as well as hatchlings for sale. Also the TS Pink corns which is much like the salmon and coral line of Ghosts and  Snows showing a huge amount of pink. Also look for our (from the South Mountain Reptile line) cayenne fires which show more red that other fires and is the same gene that makes the South Mountain Reptile line of Sunglows redder than others.

Keep watching for more details on these special morphs and others as well as the Rosy Bloodreds of the US being the same as the Kastanie line from Europe. Rosy Bloodreds are now proven the same as the Kistanie bloods and new morphs will be available soon.  Also look in our GALLERY for Picture of other Colubrids such as kings, Pines and Rats.


Here we are at one of  the Denver Reptile Shows