Before purchasing any animal for a pet or any other reason make sure you have the time for the care of and correct enclosure for it. Do plenty of research before your purchase.  Cornsnakes need a secure enclosure such as an aquarium with a sliding and locking lid. An undertank heater (no thermostat) should be underneath one end.The less expensive thermostats have been known to fail and are not needed with corns ( I haven’t tried it with other North American colubrids but suspect it’s the same). Ball pythons and some others will actually burn themselves on a non regulated UT heater. Corns will move through the substrate to find their ideal temperature without burning themselves. With the bedding placed inside (I suggest aspen) the temperature on top of the bedding on the warm end should be in the low to mid 80’s and the cool side the mid 70’s. Make sure there are plenty of hides (which can be as simple as paper towel tubes) in the tank so that the snake can decide what temperature it wants to be resting at for digestion or normal living. The reason for 95% of hatchlings not eating, regurging or have unusual behavior is incorrect temperatures. With the hatchlings it is always better to thaw the pinkies in hot water to thaw, this does two things, it thaws the pinkies quickly and it rinses them off. There is a lot of smells associated with pinks that the snake doesn’t care for.   Other snakes besides cornsnakes have different requirements and we will be happy to provide care information if requested.  


Here is our list of available hatchlings for 2014, yearlings from 2013 and surplus adults that just don’t fit into our breeding plans anymore. We do not  keep a waiting list or take deposits on hatchlings until good eggs are laid. If you don’t see the morph you are interested in let us know because not every morph we have is listed. Some of our morphs take 2-4 sheds to really show their real colors so bare with us on those morphs, such as the incredible Cayenne Fires, Salmons and TS Pink Corns . We would like to introduce our new Tessera morph:

Striped Charcoal Tessera


The pictures of the hatchlings are the exact hatching in some cases and some are family pictures and descriptions. Please click on the snake you are looking for and the descriptions, pictures and prices will come up. If you see one you like click on the picture to enlarge it and  click again to reduce the picture. Check the post on our Home page for shipping specials and shipping is anywhere in the Continental US (Shipping will be to the nearest FedEx- NO Kinkos).   




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